Assured Management System(AMS)

In 2004 Assured Group Ltd introduced a bespoke Internet browser based management system (AMS) which has revolutionised the industry, utilising touch screen technology. The system has been designed to provide our clients with control of both work loading, productivity, on line valet bay communication, vehicle clean history, invoicing and operator controls.

  • Create a paperless work process and audit trail
  • Once work has commenced it cannot be altered, 100% Secure
  • Will show who and when clean ordered and time required
  • No reason for staff to leave desk to issue work instructions
  • Duplicated cleans are highlighted and must be authorised
  • Can easily see volume of vehicles required and times
  • Real time customer billing, enables you to work within a budget
  • Accurate daily, weekly, monthly or specific batch/job invoicing
  • Efficient and accurate invoicing & statements
  • Provides a customer service facility

With every customer we introduce this system to we discover new benefits and efficiencies it can provide. Without having full understanding of your processes and systems we cannot fully quantify all the benefits the system can provide, but we do know that it will provide a secure work authorisation system, in which you can have confidence.

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