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Rental Vehicle Preparation & Logistics

Working with recognised blue chip car rental companies
Vehicles cleaned per day
Years of experience working within the UK car rental sector

Within our Rental division, we pride ourselves on the first-hand car rental experience of our management, supported by a skilled and flexible work force. The consistency and attention to detail of the individuals we provide, supported by our experienced management, allows us to give you total peace of mind so that you can get on with what you do best … while we use our knowledge of the car rental industry and a detailed understanding of its day-to-day quirks to support you in your expanding business.


Our UK coverage is built upon our local management teams with unique home-grown insights into your specific needs, whilst our ability to source staff is second to none, ensuring  economic and productive staffing ratios can be applied to every level of your operations.


Consider us your one-stop shop and turnkey provider of services dedicated to the car rental industry, from the cleaning and safety checks of your vehicles and the damage recognition processes on customer returns, to the delivery and collection of vehicles and a wide variety of other support functions to your business.


Whether you require one person to clean a few vehicles per day, or a fully managed team cleaning 500+ vehicles per day, our bespoke service and response to any customer requests is the best in the industry and has been for over 25 years.