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Working with high volume fleet sites
Vehicles cleaned per day
Years of experience

Assured is the single largest service provider to high-volume fleet locations across the UK and Europe, supplying a comprehensive array of services, including (but not restricted to) yard operatives, vehicle valeting and preparation. We also specialise in the procurement of personnel, highly specialised in their individual fields of expertise, such as body shop and smart-repair staff, as well as fully trained technicians and PDI teams. 


We are one of Europe’s leaders in the business of servicing large-volume locations, some of which consistently prepare over 10000 vehicles per day to exacting retail standards and strict time constraints. It is only because we set these same exacting standards for ourselves, that we are able to meet our clients’ expectations again and again. With the use of tried-and-tested operational flow lines, unwavering investment in equipment and an experienced management team, high volumes do not phase us – they exhilarate us! 


In fact, our specialised management teams excel at the huge fluctuations in volumes, experienced in such centres. Permanent, full-time or on-site management is available, 24/7, dovetailed with a flexible workforce to support your needs, around the clock, around the country. Ready, able and willing to make the difference.