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Information Technology

When it comes to cutting edge,  Assured remain one of the industry leaders.  We have a strong in-house IT team who manage our day-to-day requirements as well as oversee and manage the relationships with external vendors which allow us to scale with ease.  Our systems allow interoperability and complete control over budget and resource allocation.

In 2004 Assured Group Ltd introduced our bespoke Internet browser based management system (AMS) which has
gone on to set the standards and has helped revolutionize the valeting industry.

Utilizing an easy to use touch screen technology, AMS system has been designed to provide our clients with control of
both work loading, productivity, plus many more befits such as :

  • Create a paperless work process and audit trail.
  • Will show who and when clean ordered and time required.
  • Duplicated cleans are highlighted.
  • Can easily see volume of vehicles required and times.
  • Real time customer billing, enables you to work within your budget.
  • Accurate daily, weekly, monthly or specific batch/job invoicing.
  • Efficient and accurate invoicing.

Most of our customers now use AMS as an invaluable part of the package Assured can offer by boosting productivity, automating invoicing and minimising errors in the preparation workflow process.

We can offer integration to your dealer management system (DMS) via CSV file or API.

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